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Utility for finding revisions related to a development task for use in code reviews.

Supported SCM systems


The Code Review Support Tool aims to support and automate the process of preparing and executing code reviews of individual work items. It provides the ability to extract a list of specific revisions associated with a task, prepare a review log for that task, and then support individual reviewers in locating the specific changes to be reviewed through direct access to revision-specific view and diff capability. In Team Foundation, the tool directly integrates with the work item tracking system, in the other systems it parses specific checkin comment tags to identify tasks.


The tool was originally written in 2004 within SEP, Inc. by Matt Burke and Eric Willeke as a command line application to support the FDD Promote to Build step for a project utilizing ClearCase. It was rapidly identified as a very useful tool for preparing code reviews for distribution to the team. Later that year and early 2005 it was rewritten to target Vault, given a user interface, and specifically branded as a Code Review Tool (vs. a promotion utility). As SEP migrated to Team Foundation, the tool followed and was, for the first time, able to tie directly into a work tracking system when identifying related changesets. Since that time, the tool has been slowly evolved by Matt to take more advantage of Team Foundation's capabilities and better fit the work flow in use at SEP.
In September 2007, SEP elected to release the tool to the development community as an open source product under the New BSD License.

Next Steps

The tool is currently fully functional and usable. However, before it can easily be modified by the community at large, one of two steps needs to be taken:
  1. Remove the dependency on the Janus Grid Control by introducing an alternate grid.
  2. Execute an agreement with Janus permitting that control to be utilized freely for this product.
The Janus controls do not carry a runtime royalty license, so SEP is free to distribute the tool through any medium. However, only individuals with Janus licenses are currently able to modify and build the software.


Here's what it looks like for the moment (for TFS, at least).

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